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Bargain Range Hoods

Here at Gasland, our philosophy has always been to deliver high-end luxury appliances at an affordable price. Our range hoods are built with premium manufacturing to ensure the best components available bring you state-of-the-art living. Worry less about breaking a budget and more about what you love with these bargain range hoods.

30'' Slim Ducted Range Hood

Bargain Range Hoods

The GASLAND Chef slim range hood comes in a 30-inch width with a powerful quiet motor. Press the multiple options push button controls can turn on the LED light and the 3-speed fan. The 2-piece aluminum filters can keep the unwanted oil particles from leaving odors and keeping your kitchen fresh. They can be easily cleaned through your dishwasher and can easily be put back with no hassle.

    Just because it’s a patio doesn’t mean this outdoor space shouldn’t receive the same decor attention as any indoor room. A variety of patio heater styles can add a unique aesthetic to a backyard oasis.
    The maximum area a patio heater will comfortably heat depends on several variables. Many large patio heaters are radiant, meaning they reflect heat waves rather than distribute heat via a fan. Radiant heat is more effective because it warms objects in front of it rather than just warming the air. On a breezy day, a fan-based heater (convection) won’t keep anyone warm if the wind blows away the heated air.
    The general formula for estimating suitable BTUs for a patio heater is to multiply the patio’s square feet by 20. For example, a patio that measures 20 by 20 feet equals 400 square feet of space. Multiplying 400 by 20 is 8,000, so a gas patio heater with an 8,000-BTU output would effectively heat the area. Gas patio heaters range from about 5,000 to 40,000 BTUs, depending on style and size.
    Anything that produces enough heat to warm a patio comes with some safety challenges. Manufacturers reduce the risk of burns by encasing patio heaters in materials that remain cool to the touch or placing the heating element above a level where humans can reach it (in the case of tower-style heaters). Still, consider the following tips to more safely use a patio heater.

Our Top Picks

Consider power source, material, design, safety features, and more to find the best patio heaters to keep warm. While needs vary, the following patio heaters are all at the top of their respective categories, and any one of them would be a suitable choice.

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