1 Year Warranty with All GASLAND Chef products

Our warranty ensures that you won't bear the responsibility of covering expenses for the protected items in the event of an unforeseen incident affecting your system. The warranty starts from the date when the order placed.

Terms And Conditions

During the warranty duration, our customer service will rectify all functional defects arising from manufacturing or material issues, provided that the GASLAND Chef device is correctly connected, handled appropriately, and operated in accordance with the valid installation instructions and operating manuals. Enamel and paint damages are covered if reported within one week of delivery. Transport damages must be claimed by the carrier. The warranty period doesn't extend with claims and replaced parts become our property.

The warranty period remains unchanged for the device and any newly installed parts, even after a warranty claim. Any parts that are replaced during the warranty process will become the property of the company.

GASLAND Chef has the discretion to determine the location, type, and scope of repairs or replacements for the device. Unless otherwise agreed, our customer service center must be notified. Repairs are conducted solely in our customer service workshop. Within the warranty period, GASLAND Chef covers the expenses for collection, repair, and return shipping.

Contact us for Warranty Service

1. Email us at support@gaslandchef.com to register warranty service.

2. Provide your order number and short video to demonstrate the issues.

3. Clear your request in the email.

(*GASLAND Chef warranty service available for all GASLAND Chef products, including the purchases from Amazon, Ebay, Homedepot, Lowes, Walmart, local stores or other sales platforms.)